Hi my name is Krsnendu [krish-nen-doo] Knight.

Krsnendu Knight Triathlon Champ
Winning my first Triathlon in 1986 aged 15.

Back in the day… (long before the internet) I was a very competitive triathlete
at the high school level. I was in the top three in New Zealand for my age group
and regularly had the fastest bike split. I even won the first ever Auckland
Secondary School Biathlon (Duathlon) Championships.

Being considered an up-and-coming champion, I was ultimately selected for
the training squad for the 1990 Commonwealth Games to be held in my hometown,

Somehow or other, I moved on from triathlon to other things, such as djing,
living as a Hare Krishna monk and becoming a primary school teacher.

Until about 17 years later…

When I saw Hamish Carter and Bevan Docherty win Olympic gold and silver for
New Zealand in Athens.

After seeing the Kiwis’ victory in Athens, I was hooked again.

Time to get back in shape. Unfortunately, I did not just take up from where I left off…
You do lose something after 17+ years!

So I became determined to find out how to improve. I surfed all over the internet,
read books, listened to podcasts, got some coaching, tried all kinds of gadgets…
Just to bring my performance to a higher level.

One thing that I kept asking myself was what was I doing when I was a young champ?
What made me so good? Especially on the bike?

Through my studies and reflection on my earlier success I can now offer you very
practical and effective advice whether you are a beginner or advanced triathlete.
No need for you to scour the internet for the latest secrets. I have done it for you.

I still have my ups and downs. Juggling triathlon training with life is a continuous
challenge, but I have learned many insights that I am sure you will find of great value.

Through this blog and and my email newsletter I hope to share my journey with you
and pass on what I have learned along the way.

Welcome along for the ride… And swim and run too! :-)

Krsnendu Knight

Business model: On this site I share what I know about triathlon training and sometimes bring in experts to expand on what I personally know. I will also recommend programs and products that I personally believe it. If you buy the products I recommend I often get commission for referring the sale. I also plan to sell my own courses on triathlon training in future. This is how I earn some money to pay for the costs of running this site.

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