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A Triathlon Training Guide for Women Triathletes Beginners Who Wish To Try Triathlon Without Killing Themselves.

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Why the Tryathlon Training is the Perfect Guide for a Woman Triathlete Like YOU?

Inside the "Tryathlon Training" Monthly Guide We'll Help you Achieve your Goals Teaching you the Best Practices under:

  • Training - I'll share the workouts that you need to prepare and strengthen your overall health to do triathlon training and races. The training guide will help you create a routine that you could follow.
  • Gear - Get the latest reviews of proper gear to help you in your training. Know how to choose the perfect wetsuits and bike lights for your winter training. Buying a triathlon watch? I have the perfect advice for you! 
  • Nutrition -  I will discuss here some issues particularly designed for women triathletes. Know the answers to questions that probably worries you a lot. Some  issues include monthly menstruation, pregnancy, diets and the relation of these issues to your triathlon training.
  • Recovery -  Did you know that sleeping is a crucial part of your training? Know some more techniques to help you recover fast and well.
  • Racing - How to prepare for your first triathlon race? It could be very overwhelming but I'll help you prepare well without panicking. Make sure that all your hard work and efforts will pay off once you reach that finish line. 
Every month we deliver a brand new program that gives you the action steps and guidelines that you need to achieve your goals of training and racing triathlons. And every month, the program gives more exciting tips and information that will keep you healthy while being trained. 

Who Created "Tryathlon Training" Guide?


My name is Amanda Peters and I can say that triathlon training has changed my life no matter how cliche that sounds like. I am proud to call myself a triathlete - a woman triathlete. And I will be more than happy to encourage fellow women to try triathlon training as well. 

I was very sickly when I was a kid. My mother introduced me to swimming in hope of boosting my immune system. I became healthier and stronger and before I know it I started running and biking too. Then, one day I made a life-changing decision of joining my first triathlon and the rest as they say is history.

I created "Tryathlon" to give inspiration to women to try triathlon - not only to lose weight but also to improve your overall health and physique.

I can't wait to share the "Tryathlon" Guide with you and get you into that first of the many triathlon races that you will join. And the BEST part is that, you can achieve sexier and stronger body while at it.

Amanda Peters, 38, Woman Triathlete

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