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DIY Treadmill Bike Trainer Desk Workstation

Here is the story of how and why I set up my own stationary bike / treadmill workstation desk. A few years back I started by converting my desk to a standing workstation. This is me with my standing workstation v.1.0 I then upgraded my computer to the latest Macbook Pro Retina 13 inch with […]

Interview with Ben Greenfield – Triathlon Training and Nutrition Expert

After medical and technical challenges I’ve finally uploaded the interview with Ben Greenfield. It was great. Answered most of the questions that you sent in.[ez_two] [/ez_two] [ez_two_last]Here are some of the topics we covered. How much training do you really need? What is the best diet for a triathlete? What training and diet are best […]

Triathlon – Running Well While Tired

The run is the last leg of a triathlon. This is significant for our training. Because we will be racing on tired legs, we need to practise RUNNING WELL while TIRED. I want to focus on the highlighted words above. Running We want to run after the bike not shuffle, walk or crawl. Running is […]

Triathlon Training Intensity… How do I measure it?

One of the first questions that comes up when beginning a triathlon training program is “At what intensity should I train?” Before we can answer this question, we first have to work out how to measure intensity? Or in other words, “How do I know how hard I am training right now?” Here are the […]

Triathlon Swim Training

Let’s talk about how swimming fits into a triathlon training program. There are two main considerations in swimming: *TECHNIQUE Most improvements in swimming are made through improved technique, especially with less experienced swimmers. Therefore there should always be a strong focus on technique especially early on. In the beginning, strokes per length would be the […]

Overcoming Fear of the Water

Overcoming fear in water can be a challenge for many people, especially in a triathlon in open water with hundreds of other people swimming over you. Sometimes it can feel like this… Some things I can recommend to increase confidence are Find a coach who can give you specific help Practice swimming with fins – […]

Number One Key to Triathlon Success

The first lesson of this series is the “get-out-the-door” principle. The basic idea is that the first key to success is taking action. As it related to triathlon it means stepping out the door and training consistently. Exactly what you do is not so important. The main thing is to start. I have seen many […]

Stay on your feet – Ironman run training tip

Have you ever thought about how long you are on your feet during an Ironman marathon? For most people it is between 3 and 6 hours. How much time do you spend on your feet in a normal day? If you work in retail or some other jobs you may already be spending plenty of […]

Toilet Training for Triathletes?

You might be thinking this is about how to pee on the bike or how to deal with “runners trots”. Although I will deal with that in a later post,  today’s  message is a little different. You see I was squatting on the toilet this morning (I highly recommend this practice. It is the most […]